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Final Fantasy 13-2 Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

(PS3, Xbox 360 & PC)

Thank you for checking out my finished video walkthrough for FF13-2. Although Final Fantasy XIII was somewhat criticised for being far too linear in its approach to storytelling and gameplay, it was generally agreed that its first sequel improved on this in every way. Final Fantasy XIII-2 also includes brand new systems such as monster collection (including the ability to use those collected fiends in battle as a third party member) and a Crystarium system that allows much more freedom of choice. This walkthrough I have put together will assist you in taking the best route through the game, making sure that nothing is missed and thus providing you with the best player experience. I also clearly explain the route I take through the Crystarium which has been tried and tested as one of the most efficient routes in order to develop the stengths of the party.

She spent years fighting her destiny. With courage in her heart, she faced the false gods who ruled over people for centuries.

Her unfaltering determination changed the world. The gods were vanquished, their plans to massacre the human race destroyed. As Cocoon fell, a single pillar formed, connecting the ravaged world to the one below-Pulse, the underworld. It was the beginning of a new era.

However, she was nowhere to be found. Everyone was convinced she was gone-with the exception of her sister, Serah Farron.

Three years later – a single meteorite falls from the sky. As spatial distortions are created, bloodthirsty monsters appear, threatening the peaceful existence of the townspeople.

In the midst of this chaos, Serah is rescued by a young man by the name of Noel. A hunter from the future, he appears in front of her with a message.

“Come with me across the boundaries of time,” he says. “Your sister is waiting.”

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