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Ni No Kuni Complete Gameplay Walkthrough


My Ni No Kuni video guide series is a massive 100 episode playthrough that will take you through the entire story of this wonderful and charming RPG as well as help you maximise your play experience by demonstrating how to defeat all the optional areas and monsters. If you have not played this game before, I strongly recommend that you check it out, espcially if you enjoy traditional Japanese RPGs. The presentation of Ni No Kuni is top notch and the gameplay is a heck of a lot of fun. With a sequel in the works (which I will no doubt make a new walkthrough for), now is a great time to check this one out.

A grand fantasy adventure, in which a young boy travels to another world to save his mother.

After losing his mother in a tragic accident, a young boy named Oliver sheds tears of grief onto one of his stuffed toys. Suddenly, the curse lifted, the doll springs to life, and reveals itself to be none other than Drippy, a fairy from another world.

Drippy explains to Oliver that if they can defeat Shadar, the dark Djinn – an evil being who threatens his world – they may be able to bring his mother back. With his spellbook, The Wizard’s Companion, in hand, Oliver sets out on an adventure the likes of which he has never seen.

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