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Final Fantasy 8 Complete Gameplay Walkthrough

(PS3, PS4, Vita & PC)

I am pleased to share with you, my brand new complete walkthrough video series for Final Fantasy VII! Interestingly, I did cover this game previously, but I was not happy with the result so I decided to go back to the drawing board and start again.

This new series includes information on how and when to complete all the sidequests, including the Tripal Triad card game and a fool-proof tactic for taking on Omega Weapon (the game’s optional super-boss) with a minimal set-up. Of course, I also go through the entire game so if you just wish to sit back and watch the story unfold, then I have you covered too!

This walkthrough is fine to use when you’re playing on any system that the game is available on. I am using the PC Steam version of the game. I have also (for your viewing pleasure) installed numerous graphical mods for a prettier looking game, although no gameplay mods were used. The credits and instructions for the mods I installed can be found in any of the episode’s Youtube descriptions.

I do hope this walkthrough is found to be enjoyable – and useful – so if you do go ahead and use it, please message me to let me know – I would love to hear your thoughts!

The link to the videos can be found in the banner above.


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