Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition First 17 Minutes Of Gameplay

With Final Fantasy XV Windows Edition (and the consoles’ Royal Edition counterpart) coming out March 6th, Square have surprised us with a playable PC demo! Check out the first seventeen minutes of gameplay here:

The FF15 Windows Edition demo can be downloaded right now on the platform of your choice (Steam, Origin and the Microsoft Store) and includes the first full chapter of the game. Even if you are familiar with the game, this is a great opportunity to get an idea as to how the game will run on your system. We must remember of course, this is a demo and I have already discovered a few glitches and issues which I hope will be fixed in time for the main game’s release.

Final Fantasy XV has changed a lot over the last twelve months and all those updates will be part of the launch version of the Royal Edition / Windows Edition and this will include all of the previously paid for DLC content as well.

The game is currently available for £34.99 on Steam (or your currency’s equivalent), but GMG are currently selling the Steam codes at 20% discount (affiliate link).

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