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Fuzzfinger Gaming Youtube Channel

In 2012 I established the Fuzzfinger Gaming Youtube channel in order to guide people through dedicated ‘Let’s Play’ series for some of my favourite games. Since that time I have now completed many series that have helped thousands of gamers with their own playthroughs. Some of my older walkthroughs have now built up hundreds of thousands of views, gained many Youtube likes from viewers, and have become very popular for which I am extremely grateful!

I have learned a lot myself over the last five years about creating helpful walkthroughs and I continue to take those lessons on board going forward. For this page, I will be showcasing only my completed walkthroughs which I am satisfied with and proud of. To find all 2,000+ videos I have uploaded please visit my Youtube page directly. You’re welcome to get in touch with me if you have any ideas of games you think I should cover moving forward.

Thank you for stopping by, and good luck!

 – Fuzz




Final Fantasy IV might have been an earlier entry in the franchise but this walkthrough happens to be one of my most recent. I take you through the entire game, giving hints and tips along the way to defeating all of the story content as well as the optional sidequests and bosses. I also advise how and when is best to teach Augments to your party members. I played the Steam version which does have some differences to the DS edition of the game.


FFVII was the first Role Playing game I ever played. As such, for nostalgic reasons alone, it remains my all time favourite entry in the FF series. My fondness of this game no doubt came through into my videos since this series has now become one of the most popular FF7 walkthroughs on Youtube. With a remake currently in development this is a great opportunity to familiarise or remind yourself of the original which launched the franchise into a bold new era!


Final Fantasy VIII may not be a faultless game, but it is a darn good one. Of course this is a 100% walkthough. I also provide all the info you will need to power your party up even from the start of the game. Would you like to enter Dollet with thousands of health and massive damage? I show you how. For this playthrough I installed some graphical mods and I also have a video tutorial guiding you through that (optional) process too!


Final Fantasy IX is one of those things in life that seems to get better with age. I first played of course on PS1 and while I enjoyed my time with it, I have come to appreciate the experience a whole lot more now that the years have passed. This is one of my two walkthroughs for this game and the one I recommend for new players or those who wish to take their time. I guide you through the entire story and all the optional areas and bosses.


My second FF9 walkthrough and the one I suggest to those familiar with the game. The main goal of this series is to get the Excalibur II, an item which can only be looted before the game clock ticks twelve hours but is located at the end of the game! As such, we will be rushing through dialogue and skipping cut scenes wherever possible (ie, a speed run). As a bonus, we go for a perfect game, not skipping out on any other missable items or content 🙂


Final Fantasy X is a stunning entry into the franchise and the first for the PS2 era. However, my walkthrough is recorded with the HD Remaster edition from recent years. There is so much to do in the world of Spira and you will have to put around 100+ hours into the experience to see it all. Don’t worry the seventy-five videos I made will cover every aspect including my full strategy for what many have argued is the toughest optional boss in FF history !


Final Fantasy XII first hit the PS2 back in 2006 and that was its home until 2017. However, now we have the fully remastered Zodiac Age edition for PS4 and this is the version of the game my walkthrough covers. With 200+ videos I am confident my FF12 series has everything you will need. I guide you through the story, everything that is needed for the Platinum trophy and even show ways you can manipulate the game’s RNG to easily power your party to unbelievable levels!


Final Fantasy XIII-2 was a breath of fresh air for me after the overly linear nature of its predescesor. This series was also my first Final Fantasy walkthrough. Don’t let that fool you though, I worked very hard on these videos, editing out battles for convenience and showing how and where to find rare fiends and fragments. If you have not played this game before then I would suggest it is worth checking out – there is a heck of a lot of fun to be found.


Final Fantasy XV was in many ways a massive departure from what had come before. There is no question that the game has issues. Some complicated combat mechanics, a rushed story and long load times are the main concern. However, if you give it a chance there is a great game to be found here and Square are still updating it and adding to it to this day. On top of covering the main game, my series also provides a number of tips for Comrades – the game’s recent multiplayer expansion.